History's Mysteries: Facts and Fictions

$ 30.00

History's Mysteries: Facts and Fictions – 1 night (2 hours).  Every day, stories are repeated in high schools, museums and television programs because they are catchy, humorous or entertaining (“Would you really bite a bullet?” … “Did George Washington actually have wooden teeth?” … “Where did Paul Revere really ride?”).  There are also many actual events, incidents and nefarious personalities that are purposely left out of history education. Historical knowledge is often imperfect or erroneously portrayed by myths, half-truths, general omissions – or even total fabrication. This program focuses on unusual and often controversial events that they never taught in school.

Instructor:  Herb Kaufman, M.Ed.

Fee:  $30

Wednesday, June 19

Time:6:30 to 8:30 pm