1864: America’s Most Crucial Election

$ 30.00

– 1 night (2 hours).  The outcome of this election, held in the middle of the Civil War, would determine the future of the United States. Abraham Lincoln would face not just a Democrat challenger but election interference from the Confederate government, the Copperhead movement in the North and Radicals in his own Republican Party. There would be attacks from the Confederate Secret Service in Canada, bank robberies, the burning of New York, even biological warfare – all to intimidate and influence the election. Lincoln also faced unpopularity because of the war’s casualties. How Lincoln overcame these obstacles was vital to America’s future. Without his victory, the Union would have been dissolved. The Election of 1864 saved America.

Instructor:  Hugh Boyle

Fee:  $30

Wednesday, June 26

Time:6:30 to 8:30 pm